Grow in Light – Book

How would you like to take a journey with conscious and aware people – a People who understood the wisdom of kindness, integrity, and peace?

The Ancient Ones understood how –
Fear brings illusions.
Illusions bring doubt.
Doubt brings confusion,
and confusion brings fear.
Thus the cycle of darkness regenerates itself in the mind.
However living within Peace, one can cultivate Stillness.
And Stillness brings Knowing.
Knowing brings Truth.
Truth brings Freedom.
Freedom brings Joy.
Joy brings Love.
And so it is we GROW IN LIGHT.

The GROW IN LIGHT story shares how humans strayed from the ancient wisdom of connectedness and moved toward fear, greed, war, and destruction.

Can humanity return to a more balanced way of living? 

This inspiring book shares some keys to an awakened world. 

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